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first responders? in napa county, it's chaplain lee shaw. >> i'm in a place where there's no greater need. >> reporter: lee was a local pastor in 1996 when the napa police chief at the time asked him to help his officers dealing with trauma on a daily basis. >> i was talking to the officers and i said, our number one goal is to help you go home at night and for life to be better for you. >> reporter: and life is better. lee started a non-profit called law enforcement chaplaincy of napa county. >> hi, we'll see you later. >> reporter: today he and his team of trained chaplains support police, fire and 15 other county agencies free of charge. >> i have been a chief in other places and i have never seen anything like this. >> reporter: the current napa police chief rich melton. >> he just has a way of connecting with people in crisis and being able to help and be compassionate and supportive all at the same time. >> reporter: 365 days a year, lee and his chaplains are on call, and on scene when there's a traumatic event, calming emotions, notifying families, supporting the professionals
and warmer later on. clear skies, cool, cold. sunny and nice by noon. sunny and warmer. 40 degrees in napa. a lot of 40s around. san jose in the upper 40s, 77. that's 4 degrees warmer. not a cloud you to be found. patchy fog toward l.a. severe, clear, a little bit warmer on the temperatures. even 70s around the bay. >>> right now we are looking at the roads and they are clear right now. clear roadways as well. as we take a look at some of these commutes, this is highway 4. it is moving along nicely. a little slow in an crock on the way to pittsburgh. in bay point as you make your way into concord. -- pardon me. no problems once you make it onto the span. i just want to mention if we are looking at the road here, in the south bay you can see for yourself the freeways are looking good. so far so good in the santa clara valley. let's go back to the desk. >>> the bart strike deadline is extended until midnight tonight after talks wrapped up at 2:45 this morning. bart management has presented its best and final offer. it is not clear if management will be back. the unions were presented with th
vinos en napa y sonoma california, reconocidas a nivel mundial, luis nos cuenta la historia de hispanos que cumplieron sus sueÑos en estados unidos. >>> cuando uno piensa en buen vino, el Área de napa y sonoma, es de las primeras regiones que viene a la mente, en estos valles, se cosecha las mejores uvas del paÍs, se hicieron los trabajos mÁs pesados de la industria, y fue cambiando, rafael rÍos tenia muchas opciones al recibirse de abogado, se decidiÓ quedar en el lugar donde creciÓ. >>> lleguÉ aquÍ a los dos aÑos, mi papÁ trabajaba en los viÑedos aquÍ. y toda la vida fue trabajar en viÑedos. >>> de grande se lanzÓ a la tarea de producir su vino propio. >>> si la calidad de la uva no es buena, el vino tampoco. los que empezaron en viÑedos, conocen el proceso. >>> su historia no es Única, en estas fÉrtiles tierras de napa y sonoma, otros inmigrantes recorrieron el mismo camino, son familias mexicanas que levantan cosechas y producen sus vinos, por alguna razÓn. provienen de michoacÁn. >>> de regalado, y zamora. >>> hugo maldonado, produce y aÑeja sus vinos en estas
it looks good with mid-40's from santa rosa and napa and the fog in sonoma and 52 by the delta and livermore at 51. highlights are calling for the clouds near the coast this morning staying put all day long. it will be mild an the bay and inflict and on the weekend into tuesday afternoon highs will climb to near 80 degrees with a cool pocket of air from the trough that brought the snow maker into the sierras but high pressure is not building yet. that will keep us from getting too warm. we will look if a warm-up by sunday, monday, and tuesday. low 70's today for san jose and 73 in cupertino. sunshine in santa cruz and summertime fog and upper 50's at half moon bay and redwood city low 70's return and mid-60's in san francisco and you need the jacket downtown. 59 in daly city and 72 in novato and near east bay, and 70 in fremont and over the hills, it is mild. holding steady tomorrow and warmer sunday. monday, tuesday, back to low 80's inland. by midweek, maybe a cool down but we are dry seven days. >> a uc berkeley graduate pretended to be dead at a shooting a mall. 67 died in
will be looking into where he was standing. a sign that the yard in napa warns to stay in the truck or far from it. the driver worked for one of the country's largest makers of rebar. rebarrused in construction to strengthen concrete and masonry. cal osha will be investigating the accident along with santa clara police and fire this, is the second fatal accident this year. in june, an employee of shindler elevator was killed by a counter weight working on a ladder. the contractor says the initial investigation is is that this was an accident. >> they believe this to be an accident and not criminal in nature. cal osha's investigation is ongoing and could take months they have told us that the job site has been deemed safe and permitted to reopen. >> workers will return to the job in the morning. just as after the june fatal, employees will be offered counseling. the 49ers organization joined turner defcon in issuing thoughts of condolence was the family. the rebar maker said it was saddened and that an employee passed away this morning n santa clara, abc 7 news. >> there have been other deadly work
jose. you have fog in napa and sunshine and mild in the afternoon but the coast is 59 in half moon bay. it is accident in fremont. eric? >> a brief sigh of relief for bart riders who take the train this morning but what about monday? amy? >> with the trains running, riders are smiling. we are hearing stories from people that didn't know what they were going to do so the mood is happy. people are tired and telling us they were up late waiting for the news. >> up early at 12:30 to check the news. if bart was striking i would have had issues. my job doesn't allow me to work at home. he need as plan "b" because they could strike on monday. riders are taking this one day at a time and will enjoy today's victory while it is here. >> we are asking you to share your feelings with us about the bart strike. this was posted. >> i commute from oakland to the bay each day. i will lose opportunity to get an education but i will have the risk of being harassed because i will walk and ride my bicycle late at night. >> you and post your video to twitter with the hashtag "dear bart." if there is a strik
. bob rydell joins us live. the competition turned into a battle between two growers from napa, huh? >> reporter: yeah, and it turns it out apparently napa's not just good for growing grapes but for pumpkins as well. you can see people here taking their picture, posing next to this year's winner. it's an atlantic giant pumpkin grown up north in wine country, winning the 40th annual half-moon bay pumpkin weigh-off. what makes this is a surprise is many people thought this particular pumpkin would be coming in second place. you see, organizers visually size up these orange beasts and weigh them in the order of what they think will be lightests to heaviest. they put gary miller's pumpkin, this one here, on the scale. it weighed in at 1985 pounds, a record for this competition and just 47 pounds shy of the world record set this weekend. this is the one many people thought would possibly win and set a new world record. it was the last to be weighed. when it went on the scale, it tipped the scale at just 1984 pounds. clearly, there was an audible sign of disappointment in the audience. bu
. we are heading into the autumn chilly nights. 46 degrees at santa row 47 napa and 54 degrees tonight in the city. san jose will get down to 52. then recover to 72 by tomorrow afternoon. livermore is at 76 degrees. it's still cooler than we'red to at this time of year but normal saturday and sunday. fairfield tomorrow hits 77. and san francisco at 67. extended forecast we are going to be looking for a slight warming trend but look at sunday. back to near 80 inland by then. bay in the low 70s to start with. and finish in the mid-70s and as we look ahead into the beginning of the workweek next week, we willly nice. mid-october that's exactly where we should be and it's one of the reasons why we have one of the best climates of the year in the bay area. >> thank you. >>> women in california getting greater access to abortion. what the law signed today by the governor will allow for aborting a baby. >> the automatic weapons ban that will make crime worse. ,,,,,,,, female announcer: female announcer: through columbus day, at sleep train's inventory clearance sale, get three years interest-
temperatures that are cooler this morning by a couple of degrees by big-time cooling in napa. a little bit warmer at our coast which is provides the blanket over the bay. 50 for most and upper 40 to start and 60's by noon and mid-70's inland valley and holding steady for the first part of the weekend. >> come mights are breathing a sigh of relief and holding their breath in light of no bart strike which that is just delayed. >> good morning, i can say good morning to bart rider because it is a "good" morning. the trains are running. in hayward a handful of people arrived. the station is all cheer. what matters is it is open and running and the first train coming through at 4:30 to the relief of a rider who went to bed not knowing how he would get to work. >> i work in richmond and if i did not catch bart i would be late each day. i am happy there is no strike. >> his plan "b" is to try to catch a ride but not easy for a man would leaves for work at 4:00 in the morning. >> so many are stressed how another strike could change their lives we introduceed hashtag "dear bart," to sound off. this
sweatshirt or coat temperatures running in the 40's or 50's and may dip down to 39 in napa. total sunshine at the coast, temperatures are around 68 to 70 degrees at noon no matter where you are. we will see a microclimate develop at 4:00 with temperatures warmer than yesterday and 68 at the coast and 72 around the bay. it will cool quickly over the three hours with most of us dropping eight to ten degrees from 78 to 68 inland and 72 to 66 around the bay and from 68 to 60 at the coast. the next three days, the warmest days in the forecast, we will hit the mid-80's inland tuesday and wednesday and low 80's around the bay and low-to-mid 70's at the coast. cooling trend on the way for the weekend. kristen and eric? >>guest: welcome back. next, battle of the pumpkins. we are at half moon bay with a preview of the great >> she became a supporter of gun control after surviving a horrific shooting. why was former arizona congresswoman at a gun show? here is america's money. >> topping america's money the stock markets are open on columbus day plummeting overnight as congress is far from a debt cei
in castor valley. 77 in heyward. 81 in fremont. san francisco 74. 72 in pacifica. 84 expected for napa. it is going to feature a lot of sunshine for the next three to four days. temperatures in the low to mid 80s. cold start. sunny afternoons. cloud cover will increase over the weekend. no rainfall on that seven-day. this really isn't a bad october forecast. i have to say this weekend with that cold dry air it just felt so enjoyable. i felt like going out and doing some early holiday shopping. >> whoa, whoa. >> whoa. >> don't get ahead of yourself. >> maybe he meant holiday as in halloween shopping. >> he's making us look back. >> we're back in a moment. stay with us. >>> cameras caught a major rescue effort in china. it happened just outside of shanghai. the fire broke out in the engine room on a ship loaded with logs. the flames spread quickly, but all 23 crew members were safe. >>> scientists working in antarctica say five years of research and millions of dollars could go down the train. >> the national science foundation is recalling staff from antarctica and suspending field rese
in napa. so only of you wind shelter dropping and on the cool side. conor 55. livermore currently 56 degrees. exploring camera transamerica pyramid in the financial district sitting under clear skies. clear overnight breezy in the hills looking at beach weather again tomorrow and a little cooler midweek. high pressure in the mid upper 70's. beaches low 80's in places like livermore, santa rosa, it was a remember washingtoner day no doubt about it. warm pattern. will continue as high pressure sitting right to our north. wind flow from land towards the coast and that will continue with the mid october warmth. so overnight tonight. temperatures will be dropping low 40's to mid 50's. weren't to bundle up especially places lick napa santa rosa, clover dale, you are going to be some of the coolest locations mid upper 40's along the coast. you will see low to mid 50's around the bay side location but first thing tomorrow morning if bart does striking and you have to at that time bus or the ferry or you have to walk to school or to work you will in he had to add that extra layer on. b
's deputies are on the scene to help but who helps the first responders? in napa county it's chapman lee shaw. he was a local pastor in 1996 when the napa police chief at the time asked him to help his officers dealing with trauma on a daily basis. >> i was talking to the officers and i said our number 1 goal is to help you go home at night and for life be better for you. >> reporter: and life is better. lee started a nonprofit called law enforcement chaplain of napa today. today he and his team support police, fire and 15 other county agencies free of charge. >> i have been a chief in other places and i have never seen anything like this. >> reporter: current napa police chief rich melton. >> he has a way of connecting with people in crisis and being able to help and be compassionate and supportive all at the same time. >> reporter: 365 days a year, lee and his chaplains are on call and on scene when there's a traumatic event, calming emotions, notifying families, supporting the professionals as well as the survivors. in the 18 years that lee has been serving as chaplain here in napa, he's h
degrees in napa. a cooler day is slated for this tuesday. your full pinpoint forecast is still straight ahead. >> and checking the roadways right now, here's a live over to the bay bridge toll plaza this morning, we have that upper deck roadwork from the towers east bay. >> welcome back. >> thank you. i feel all rested. >> that will go away very soon. [ laughter ] >> thanks so much. >>> well, salmonella outbreak has sickened hundreds and foster farms isn't issuing a recall. kpix 5's joe vazquez reports, the company is saying people aren't cooking the chicken properly. >> the number is right there. >> reporter: ed of el sobrante says he bought foster farms raw chicken and was about to prepare dinner when he saw a report on kpix 5. he bought the same chicken with the same serial numbers as the ones making people sick p6317, 6317- a and another one. >> why do they put stuff out with salmonella? >> reporter: the u.s. department of agriculture's food safety and inspection service issued a public health alert saying 278 people got sick with strains of salmonella heidelberg in 18 states predom
on the lows. maybe even longer, but probably at least a week, 42 napa, half moon bay 41. without the fog on the coast, temperatures really take a dip. it is chilly to cold for some. everything is playing in the middle of the country or on the east coast. breezy at times, not ridiculous or anything like that. sunny and warmer, probably wednesday and thursday. upper 70s near 80 degrees without a strong offshore breeze, it is tough to get above 80. each though, those mornings, it is cold. 70s for many, mid to upper, again car thermometers won't change that much. 72 alameda, 75 mar teens, castro valley, 78 morgan hill. gilroy. 76 wood wide, menlo park is in there brisbane upper 70s. warmer temperatures not a lot. 70s and 80s into wednesday, thursday. unless something dramatic changes, i don't see anything different going into the weekend. >>> most european markets down this morning. many asian markets closed. the rest of the markets in pacific and asia region finished the trading session lower. the u.s. investors worried as well. the possibility that we could default on loan payments the dea
with napa dropping to 40. so the typical cool areas up in the north bay are a little warmer this morning. novato, the airport. but there is a few cool pockets here around mountain view. we are four degrees cooler there and up towards napa. from our mt. tam cam you get a view this morning, despite the late sunrise at 7:00. it's clear and warmer on the order of about four degrees. the winds will not be as brisk but we will have the sea breeze setting up in the afternoon. here's why. the weak system pushing into northern california right now. and as high pressure builds into the eastern pacific, that will provide the wind shift. it's getting a little closer. as it does, the winds will turn to a northeasterly gradient and that allows for a very quiet week ahead with temperatures warming through the period. so here is oakland starting tomorrow in the mid-70s. today you should hit about 70 degrees. and then tomorrow into tuesday, look at the warmup. 80 and then 79 wednesday. it's a slight cool down in the middle of the week but temperatures about average. 07 in oakland it should be this time o
the rebar is a facility in napa. that is where the victim worked. lived in vacaville. >> well, edward lake lives in a house just around the block here. neighbors tell us he's lived in this vacaville neighborhood sometime. now, one neighbor gave us a photograph and says he was a nice person who liked to keep to himself. the photograph taken as he helped her move into their house six years ago. he worked in napa as a delivery driver we're told he was injure fate fatally injured in santa clara. now, sadly we found a site at the plant to warn drivers to be in their trucks or far what i loading or unloading rebar, one neighbor heard his father may have been a famous baseball player who played for tigers, cardinals and red sox at one point. police police cars showed up and parked and told us they just wanted to ensure his close friends and relatives in that house to ensure privacy so moved here to this block. >>> thank you. >> still ahead here tonight the backlash against freedom of speech. what these protestors want facebook to do to root out online hatred. >>> summer like warmth coming to bay
if they are on the beach in san francisco. we will check it out. 42 in san rafael and in napa valley. you will notice parts of the north bay, it may be crunchy, maybe frost on the windshield. tomorrow, another cold morning. that is the story. we are heading into the fall pattern of very cold mornings. and mild and warm afternoons. they brought us sprinkles in northern california last night. this is with an offshore flow on sunday. it means warmer daytime highs. it is not a massive increase in temperatures and upper 70s and couple of low 80s. it comes up on monday and tuesday. don't know if we will see advisories but that will increase the temperatures more. the weather pattern is pretty consistent as we go through the week. forecast highs tomorrow. they will pop in here. lots of yellow. that is 70s. and they are in orange. you will see a couple of areas of 80s. 78 in brentwood today and tomorrow. and 74 in san jose. and 76 in morgan hill. >> the five day forecast. little bit of fog out there. no big deal. really nice out there. classic fall weather and slight increase in the fire danger around the bay area
in napa, 60-year-old edward lake jr. of vacaville picked up a load of rebar to deliver to the levi stadium construction site in santa clara. as lake was unloading it around 6:30 this morning, something went wrong and lake was crushed and killed. it was declared an accident. cal osha, occupational safety and health, will investigate how a second worker died at this construction site. the first was 63-year-old donald white, al elevator mechanic who was killed by a counterweight. santa clara university civil engineering professor says the workers' ages could be one factor. the pace of construction could be another. >> there are studies that show that with acceleration of the schedule and putting pressure on the schedule, laborers and personnel on the sites are more subject to accidents. >> reporter: but the project co-director says that's not the case. is there a deadline pressure that you think could have played into this? >> no, ma'am. >> reporter: jonathan harvey says cal osha deemed this work site safe and the 900-plus workers will return to the job tuesday. a day which will begin with an
a couple degrees where you should be. 63 mid napa. patchy low clouds near the coast. that is where they're going to stay. chilly mornings for inland valleys. slight radar showing a system affecting sierra yesterday heading out of here. it's bringing winter storm warnings and weather advisories for rocky mountain states. cool pocket of air going to follow. and temperatures will be about the same before we'll see a warm up. afternoon, still lingering clouds just hugging the coast keeping temperatures on the cool side. nice afternoon with mild conditions expected. tomorrow morning chill in the air. mid 40s to upper 40s not just inland valleys talking about coastal areas as well. will fall to mid to upper 40s or low 50s around the bay and coast. patchy low clouds out there. so heading out and to work if you have to walk to the ferry make sure you bundle up. tomorrow afternoon, south bay, 73 morgan hill. san jose, 72. sunshining in santa cruz. low 70s redwood city. 59 on the coast in half moon bai. north pleasant. clear lake, napa. inbeland spots mid-70s, accu-weather forecast, more sunshine
conditions in the 40. 43 in nevado. 48 in napa. low 50s in a number of locations. it's going to be a chily night tonight. fog returning to the coast line and north bay. winds are picking up and that's going to help clear the fog. the warming trend continues into next week. we'll take a look at how warm, coming up. >>> why harvey milk is about to achieve a first, 30 years after his death. >>> you're not far from seeing changes to limos here in the bay area. >> way a world grieves were adrian peterson, next. >>> developing tonight, we're learning more about a tragic story that touches minnesota vikings running back, adrian peterson. he's asking for privacy after the death of his toddler son t.2-year-old was beaten into a coma before he died. the toddler lived in sue city south dakota with his mother. this man is being charged with aggravated assault, aggravated battery on an infant. those charges came before the child died. the officers were call today the apartment on wednesday because he was choking. he was unresponsive and he was rush today the hospital and doctors found injuries consiste
. away from the coast low to mid-70s this, is what you expect to see 66 napa. fairfield at 73 along with livermore, san jose, light winds. low clouds and warmer sunday. we're talking about beach weather next week so you'll see in the accu-weather forecast how much temperatures will come up this, system has to pass through here and temperatures respond beginning on sunday, low clouds starting out with gray chilly weather like we did this morning and then, we're expecting late day clearing. we're going to see clouds scouring out. everyone enjoys sunshine and temperatures will look like this getting off to an early start heading out for a bike ride or you have a tea time, it's going to be chilly if you'll need to bundle up. temperatures 40s foremost of the bay area. nights getting longer days shorter so chill is evident. 71 tomorrow afternoon. 62346 santa cruz. it's going to be mild, pleasant. 71 redwood city. still need long sleeves there. mid-60s around downtown san francisco. north bay you'll see 70s except near the coast you'll see 50s. petaluma, 70. 74 towards napa. clear lake, ea
. >> upper 60s in downtown san francisco for a high today. >> mid-70s today for napa. >> the 7 day around the bay will get back into the 80 degree temperatures by midweek. >> tuesday and wednesday it looks like we will have some 70 degree temperatures. >> as the new as edges closer to defaulting on its debt president obama and republicans are finally making progress in talks. >> shannon travis explores whether washington is any closer to a resolution of the debt crisis. >> the reports that the house cut rate or vote on a plan would extend the debt ceiling through november the 22nd appeared >> democrats included obama will have to deal with deficit reduction talks appear it >> house democrats are putting the pressure on republicans. >> after 11 days of the partial government shutdown could there be new hope? >> the president did call and speak with the speaker of the house this afternoon. >> the call did not lead to a deal, but the two of them agreed that all sides need to keep talking on the issues here. >> there are reports that the house could vote on a republican plan to temporarily ra
top contenders from napa and rumored to have those that could break the world record of 2,032. >> gary has a shot, i it will be over 2,000 pounds. russ says he is just a guy that enjoys healthy competition of the pumpkin festival and welcoming feel for the families. >> it is down home and has a great feeling. >> there are cash prizes for the heaviest grown in california and the county and an award for the prettiest pumpkin which is decided by the audience applause. too bad this isn't an award forening as cute as a pomp kin -- pumpkin because i see a contender -- right here. >> big congratulations to gary miller. we mean, big, because the winning comp kin is 1,985. >> we will just call it a ton, round it up. >> just missed 2,000. you round it up, it is fine. >> meteorologist mike nicco is on our abc7 news studios with a look at the forecast. >> 15 pounds, couldn't someone just push the scale a little bit to get it to 2,000? it was 39 degrees this morning when they took the measurement at half moon bay, one of the coldest readings we had around the bay area this morning. the big story is
have finally been processed. >>> a warm day today. 82 in napa. 81 santa rosa. highs into your tomorrow, warmer than these or similar. high pressure is dominate right now. that means no rain and this pattern, high pressure brings you fog in the summer but this time of year the fog, here it is, you see it going this way, winds are blowing this way, that is the off shore winds that keep us warm and dry and, you know, out of the fog pattern, cool pattern for the week. 75 concord. 72 napa. 73 fairfield. over night lows cold. 30s last night. tomorrow morning you can go -- most of the numbers tomorrow will be low 40s, most upper 40s, low 50s. it will be cool but not as cool as this morning. tomorrow, sunny and warm. like today warmer. tuesday through wednesday, tomorrow through wednesday, continues to warm. wednesday the warmest day of the week. highs tomorrow, no fog along the coast. just ran the fog forecast. didn't show anything. all the 80s in here. 80s are significant. significantly warm. 78 in oakland tomorrow. downtown. day time high, air quality remains good. >> tuesday's highs. wedne
is what i'm seeing. with napa checking in right about 8 degrees warmer than where we were 24 hours ago. notable in your neighborhood. the rest of us anywhere from 2 to 4 degrees. ridge of high pressure beginning to take over our weather pattern and will dominate for several days. so the sinking air associated with the ridge of high pressure beginning to warm us up. temperatures in the 70s today. along the coast -- 70s. 70s, 80s around the bay with mostly sunny skies and a my forer thisly -- and a northerly breeze. around napa 10, concord, 10. generally light around the region. where i'm seeing it gusty in the hills. the north and east bay hills. we're not really going to fill it but it could be a little bit -- feel it but it could be gusty. outside of that, temperatures feeling nice. 73 in walnut creek. right now, 69 in hayward. 69 redwood city. 75 degrees this afternoon at half moon bay. 75 novato, 77 santa rosa, if we shift to the east, widespread 70s for orinda, la fayette, mid- 70s san ramon. 76 in pleasanton and one last shift here for you brentwood you are looking at 71 outside y
and there could be in line for cloud build up, overall the main result is a cooler breezy day, 42 napa, 53 santa rosa. if you get that breeze that is held up, it being the low, if not, if it is calm conditions and probably much cooler, the coldest air is yet to arrive, i mean has that, snow about 1 to 5 inches in the higher evaluations above 6500 feet until that comes in, just right now scattered but developing here in the mountains, maybe even up there, later on there is low clouds around so we will keep an eye on that but overall a cooler breezy day. we will start off mostly sunny then get cloudies here later. cooler, breeze in, fog south, showers, just kind of covering myself but overall more 60s and 70s on these temperatures today and kind of a cool breezy day, cooler. here is sal. >> steve, good morning. for the most part. we have a nice looking commute around the bay area as we go to the live pictures i want to show you 880 in oakland you can see it looks good in both directions, traffic is moving well from here in oakland down to hayward, also driving to the bay bridge toll plaza a light
with us the next 24 hours. it's 83 degrees right now in napa. 78 in san jose so it's kind of warm out there. but really, you know it's just cool enough that we're not dealing with severe fire conditions. a little warmer a little windier we would be dealing with red flag warnings but that's not the case. we're right below that threshold. we have a north wind in napa. north wind in fairfield but they're not howling. have seen some winds in the oakland hills up to 20 miles per hour. that's where you would expect the winds to be strong in the north bay as well. let's stick with the elevated fire danger. there's no warning no advisory. but next 24 hours we're going to be in the same environment. so filled with the wind in the hill it's going to come up a little bit. no fire weather advisory or red flag warning but definitely fire danger up. overnight lows very chilly. 40 in santa rosa, 40 in napa, 49 in fremont. you just get away from the urban center and you will find yourself some low 20s. the city tends to stay a little warmer because of the concrete and reradiation of heat. you will fi
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. napa but is coming in at 42 degrees. take a look at livermore. it is 49 degrees if you are heading out the door. these are not even your morning lows. the temperatures will continue to dip. not only are we delete with cool temperatures. we are also seeing problems of the visibility. we also have dense fog along the coastline. this is something that we do not definitely see but it is out there. just drive with extra caution. >> future cast 4 shows by lunchtime that we will still be in the '50s. the rest of the bay area will only be in the '60s. the will take a while for things to heat up. take a look at the evening, you probably have plans and the temperatures will be back in the '50s. it will definitely be a day for you to address and later spread your afternoon high will shape up to be cooler for this time of year. san jose will have a high of 72 degrees. it will be warmer in the east bay with walnut creek have a high of 76 degrees. we will struggle to get out of 50's for ocean beach. a good mixture of 60's and down the east shore line. napa bug will have a high of 74. >> it will mini
, low 60s for the coast with partly cloudy skies. low 70s for santa rosa as well as napa: we're running cooler this time of year. we're going to get back to that nice mild to warm weather. take a look at your extended forecast. let's start with today a chilly start this morning, widespread 40s out there, some areas like petaluma, hillsborough, nevada, i'm tracking the upper 30s, temperatures in the 40s to low 40s, clouds will remain at the coastline for the afternoon. we're looking at temperatures in the 60s and then for the second half of the day, 62 along the coast, upper 60s around the bay. warmer for tomorrow, a few degrees in many cases and then as we get into monday, tuesday, wednesday, upper 70s to low 80, around the bay, we're getting to about 70 degrees along the coast. nice weather in the forecast, really the steppedded forecast looks good to me. again if you're getting out this morning, it's a cool start, i'll have a detailed look at your current conditions coming up. >>> problems around iphone 5, many issues that people are having and why it's costing a lot of money. >> back
to upper 70s from napa all the way down to 77 at san jose. 80 santa rosa, fairfield, concord. so let's get a check of your morning news. >> it's 4:03. a bay area official says he'll step up his push for legislation banning transit workers from striking. steven glazer is trying to persuade riders to sign his petition. he says so few people shouldn't have a huge impact on the lives of so many. >> if they can't work it out, they shouldn't take it out on the riders of the bay area. there is too much at stake for hundreds of thousands of people that use b.a.r.t. every day to have a breakdown at the bargaining table affect all of us. >> glazer has a ebb wiwebsite c ban bart strikes.com. >>> if the ups do strike tomorrow morning, b.a.r.t. has chartered 200 buses almost three times the number it has for the july walkout. they will run from these nine stations. guess spite the option, some b.a.r.t. riders aren't thrilled about the idea of taking the bus. >> i haven't taken a bus to san francisco, so we'll see how that works. >> it's bad because we were waiting for like an hour for the bus. >> b.a.r
like this. 50 santa rosa a.49 degrees in napa. so only of you wind shelter dropping and on the cool side. conor 55. livermore currently 56 degrees. exploring camera transamerica pyramid in the financial district sitting under clear skies. clear overnight breezy in the hills looking at beach weather again tomorrow and a little cooler midweek. high pressure in the mid upper 70's. beaches low 80's in places like livermore, santa rosa, it was a remember washingtoner day no doubt about it. warm pattern. will continue as high pressure sitting right to our north flow from lan wind flow d towards the coast and that will continue with the mid october warmth. so overnight tonight. temperatures will be dropping low 40's to mid 50's. weren't to bundle up especially places lick napa santa rosa, clover dale, you are going to be some of the coolest locations mid upper 40's along the coast. you will see low to mid 50's around the bay side location but first thing tomorrow morning if bart does striking and you have to at that time bus or the ferry or you have to walk to school or to work you
, and that means 70s and 80s. a lot of low 80s. 38 santa rosa, 38 napa. 57 san fransisco. and i think i saw a 59 half- moon bay. it's going to be really mild to warm, santa rosa starting off at 38. you got that right. we'll go for a high of 83 today. also in this kind of a pattern, santa rosa napa will warm up along with oakland and over to san fransisco. 24 up in tahoe. 41 ukiah. 30s in lake county. i can find a patch of fog down by san diego and that's about it. high pressure is here and it's not going anywhere. sunny and warm once things get going. sunshine and really nice over by the coast today. temperatures definitely warming up. i could be a little underdone on these. upper 70s, low 80s for everybody. here's sal. >>> good morning, traffic is going to be busy now if you're getting on to the morning commute. let's go out and take a look at some live pictures. you can see traffic here. it's moving along relatively well at the toll plaza for this time of the morning. this is normal commute. they turn the metering lights on. it's backed up to about the end of the parking lot. it could get busi
today in san francisco and 69 in oakland and a return to the low 70's in napa and 74 in livermore and san jose checking in at 72. we hold steady tomorrow and by sunday upper 70's inland and more sun at the coast and monday is the warmest day of the next three. >> saving lives 140 characters at a time. twitter could be used as an early warning system for at risk users. >> a 22 year veteran of the san francisco police department has been arrested. >> a tell-all book on lance armstrong will be released and accusations being made against his famous ex. >> a picture of the bay bridge toll plaza not noticing any additional traffic because this is no bart strike and trains are running. to those who've been waiting welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage, and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at coveredca.com. >> covering daly city, dublin, los gatos, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> good morning, it is 6:13. this is a look at embarcadero across the bay, good news, and there is no bart strike so of cours
this afternoon in sausalito and to the north of santa rosa and 80, and close to napa, and 68 at bodega bay and 72 at richmond, and oakland is 75 and 76 in fremont and 30ing with 88 throughout the east bay hills in the afternoon. temperatures tonight are almost as cool as this morning with winds keeping the temperatures up. look at the shelter valleys in the north bay, 42 in santa rosa and seven-day forecast is warm again tomorrow and warmest wednesday and cooling hits the coast on thursday and the rest of us are closer to average with more clouds but it will be dry, friday, saturday, and sunday. the injuries facing defensive end and the fan reaction that has 49ers owner caming on the faithful this morning. first, expanding netflix, a new way you could be able to watch tv shows and movies from the bay area based streaming service. >> here is the primetime lineup at 8:00, two hours of "dancing with the stars" followed by "castle." d grkes a ...every time! when you buy a bag of dog food, treat or toy. at petsmart®. served on a toasted pretzel roll, our new bacon avocado chicken sandwich comes with
panel of sutro tower out to san francisco is 60 degrees at santa rosa right now. 52 at napa. cooler in the north way and novato 63 and concorde 64 livermore one final ride out over the forecast feature clear overnight with pwroyts conditions in the hill. coast inland then a little bit cooler midweek. no c matcly so. here's radar coming ridge high pressure that is dominating. try to bring land sea or offshore nrochlt warm pattern remain with us as long as pretty much in a position to tonight. despite the warmth at noon there look current readings in the morning hours temperatures crop down to 40 at santa rosa and 41 in nap a.see mid upper 40's in most other location and captain i don't care 56. then tomorrow another sunny day. another tomorrow an and high in the south bay and peninsula high right around 81 degrees redwood city and palo alto and the coast. >> 79 in the bay and downtown san francisco and tomorrow not quite there in the basement north bay high at 83 and santa rosa and napa calistoga and east bay oakland 81 san leandro and antioch 83 and walnut creek and fairfield b
larry stone says jobs are helping that issue. napa and alameda county saw 5% increases. gains were smaller in marin, solano and san francisco count tips. >>> the b.a.r.t. negotiations are still under way in downtown oakland at this hour. b.a.r.t. plans to offer limited bus service between the east bay and san francisco in the event of a strike tomorrow. it says it will have 200 charter buses that's about double the number it hired during the july strike. b.a.r.t. estimates the buses can only accommodate 6,000 passengers a day. the buses will pick up people at nine different b.a.r.t. stations in the east bay. we highlighted them on this map for you. the buses will pick up riders between 5:00 and 8:00 p.m. and drop them off near the terminal in san francisco. the return trips for the city are set for 3:00 and 7:00 p.m. b.a.r.t. is also suggesting that commuters try alternatives as we mentioned earlier. many plan to telecommute or work from home. another is to change your work schedule so you can travel during off peak hours. car pooling is also an option. caltrans is extending car po
driver in napa. we have a view of the accident scene. the project managers say they will hold a meeting this morning with the crews to discuss the accident and safety measures. also, grief counselors are available. >> it is tragic. we had a fellow co-worker lose their live and that sank in quickly and it is emotional. >> this is the second deadly accident of the stadium site in four months. in june a worker died when three was hit by an elevator counsel tory weight. >> at university avenue on sunday night two men shoved a gun in a victim's chest and threw him to the ground and toll his cell phone. the victim was not hurt. 9 robbers got away. this was the third robbery around cal in less than a week. >> bart trains are running. the roads have had a couple of glitches. >> we have had a couple of glitches. bart is experiencing a glitch on fremont and richmond line in both directions. we have 15-minute delay because of equipment malfunction and a malfunction on the streets in castro valley. we have a report of a water main break. good news is this sig-alert from tracy and over the altamont
now temperatures are dropping off in a few places. 52 in napa. it's going to be a chily night in portions of the bay area. winds are picking up at the coast line. we're seeing gusty conditions now. it's going to stay chily and clear in some locations. we have a chance of showers out there tomorrow. we'll see gusty conditions and the possibility of scattered rain. more about that and the chance of snow in the cierras. >>> ntc has information for businesses. >>> cool and recent turmoil in egypt has the united states thinking what to do with their money. when our little girl was born, we got a subaru. it's where she said her first word. (little girl) no! saw her first day of school. (little girl) bye bye! made a best friend forever. the back seat of my subaru is where she grew up. what? (announcer) the two-thousand-fourteen subaru forester. (girl) what? (announcer) built to be there for your family. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. >>> police in free month have arrested a teacher for reportedly molesting a student at kennedy high school. he's accused of touching a stude
another very warm day, a little cooler by the coast. san fransisco 76. today we'll go 68. napa in town was 85. today 70 in livermore. today's 79 in palo alto. this was closer to stanford at 83. 77. temperatures coming down. our system came by yesterday. a beautiful sunset, sent me pictures on twitter. sp weather, by the way if you want to send me weather information. we have clear skies and for some that cooler air has moved in. san jose will be down 5 for yesterday or 81. highs 76. a little brisk, downtown 51 but not far away. it's cool, 34 in tahoe. 47 reno. 43 in ukiah. some 30s in lake county. i haven't had any reports yet. 40s for walnut creek, novato, santa rosa, half-moon bay. oakland airport 49. definitely not much of a breeze and under clear skies, trying to get a westerly breeze. it's not there at oakland, not there at napa. it's mainly on the calm conditions, westerly mountain view and san jose northwest, everything's less than 10 miles per hour. this system low is going to drop down tomorrow. that's going to give the sierra nevada some snow. the breeze will pick up. tempera
francisco 52 degrees. santa rosa 54. napa 57. if you're heading up to the wine country expecting a mostly clear skies. temperature back up in the lower 70s. here's the plan for tonight. partly cloudy skies, coastal fog. sunday through tuesday, a warming trend. the developing headline of the 5-day forecast. overnight lows will drop down in the 40s. san francisco 50 kreis and san jose in the upper 40s. high pressure offshore. with that the overcast tomorrow. increasing sunshine and sunday, monday, tuesday this system moves east of the bay area and the wind that will be the source of warming. you will notice the change on sunday. here's the forecast model showing all the cloud cover tomorrow morning, we'll have a few patches around the bay, in the afternoon hours, patchy coastal fog. the forecast high for tomorrow warmer than today. right around the rim of the bay upper 60s. inland 70s, san jose 71, gilroy 75, san francisco 64 degrees. here's a look ahead the five- day forcast. sunday that will be the warmest day of the weekend looking good with temperature on track to be in the mid- to uppe
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